Main Conference:

  • A Predictable SIMD Library for GEMM Routines
    I. De Albuquerque Silva, T. Carle, A. Gauffriau, V. Jegu, C. Pagetti
  • RT-Swap: Addressing GPU Memory Bottlenecks for Real-Time Multi-DNN Inference
    W. Kang, J. Lee, Y. Lee, S. Oh, K. Lee, H. Chwa
  • Exclusive Hierarchies for Predictable Sharing in Last-level Cache
    X. Wang, Z. Wu, R. Pellizzoni, H. Patel
  • Optimal Synthesis of Fault-tolerant IDK Cascades for Real-time Classification
    S. Baruah, I. Bate, A. Burns, R. Davis
  • Fast Attack Recovery for Stochastic Cyber-Physical Systems
    L. Zhang, L. Burbano, X. Chen, A. Cardenas, S. Drager, M. Anderson, F. Kong
  • InsectACIDE: Debugger-Based Holistic Asynchronous CFI for Embedded System
    Y. Wang, C. Mack, X. Tan, N. Zhang, Z. Zhao, S. Baruah, B. Ward
  • USB Interrupt Differentiated Service for Bandwidth and Delay-Constrained Input/Output
    Z. Ruan, A. Njavro, R. West
  • Decntr: Optimizing Safety and Schedulability with Multi-Mode Control and Resource Allocation Co-Design
    R. Gifford, F. Galarza-Jimenez, L. Phan, M. Zamani
  • Real-Time Scheduling for 802.1Qbv Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN): A Systematic Review and Experimental Study
    C. Xue, T. Zhang, Y. Zhou, M. Nixon, A. Loveless, S. Han
  • Sync or Sink? The Robustness of Sensor Fusion against Temporal Misalignment
    D. Kuhse, N. Hölscher, M. Guenzel, H. Teper, G. von der Brüggen, J. Chen, C. Lin
  • Integrating Sporadic Events in Time-triggered Systems via Affine Envelope Approximations
    A. Finzi, S. Craciunas, M. Boyer
  • Extending Network Calculus to Deal with Min-Plus Service Curves in Multiple Flow Scenarios
    A. Hamscher, V. Constantin, J. Schmitt
  • Core-Local Reasoning and Predictable Cross-Core Communication with M³
    N. Asmussen, S. Haas, A. Lackorzyński, M. Roitzsch
  • A Hybrid Approach to WCTT Analysis in a Real-Time Switched Ethernet Network
    A. Soni, J. Scharbarg, J. Ermont
  • Safe and Secure? On the Timing Analysability of Cryptographic Implementations
    A. Stegmeier, P. Knauer, P. Schubaur, C. Piatka, D. Merli, S. Altmeyer
  • Optimizing Logical Execution Time Model for Both Determinism and Low Latency
    S. Wang, D. Li, A. Sifat, S. Huang, X. Deng, C. Jung, R. Williams, H. Zeng
  • End-To-End Timing Analysis and Optimization of Multi-Executor ROS 2 Systems
    H. Teper, T. Betz, M. Günzel, D. Ebner, G. von der Brüggen, J. Betz, J. Chen
  • Trusted Timing Services with TimeGuard
    A. Nasrullah, F. Anwar
  • An Empirical Study of Performance Interference: Timing Violation Patterns and Impacts
    A. Li, J. Wang, S. Baruah, B. Sinopoli, N. Zhang
  • DAG Scheduling with Execution Groups
    J. Shi, M. Guenzel, N. Ueter, G. von der Brüggen, J. Chen
  • TinyBFT: Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Replication for Highly Resource-Constrained Embedded Systems
    H. Böhm, T. Distler, P. Wägemann
  • RT-Mimalloc: A New Look at Dynamic Memory Allocation for Real-Time Systems
    R. Giannessi, A. Biondi, A. Biasci
  • Demystifying NVIDIA GPU Internals to Enable Reliable GPU Management
    J. Bakita, J. Anderson
  • HAEST: Harvesting Ambient Events to Synchronize Time across heterogeneous IoT devices
    A. Nasrullah, F. Anwar
  • Elastic Scheduling for Harmonic Task Systems
    M. Sudvarg, A. Li, D. Wang, S. Baruah, J. Buhler, P. Ekberg, C. Gill, N. Zhang
  • Algorithms for Canvas-based Attention Scheduling with Resizing
    Y. Hu, I. Gokarn, S. Liu, A. Misra, T. Abdelzaher
  • Strict Partitioning for Sporadic Rigid Gang Tasks
    B. Sun, T. Kloda, M. Caccamo
  • PAAM: A Framework for Coordinated and Priority-Driven Accelerator Management in ROS 2
    D. Enright, Y. Xiang, H. Choi, H. Kim
  • OmniWasm: Efficient, Granular Fault Isolation and Control-Flow Integrity for Arm Microcontrollers
    M. Bai, R. Pan, G. Parmer

Brief Presentations:

  • Journal-first: Edge Generation Scheduling for DAG Tasks Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
    B. Sun, M. Theile, Z. Qin, D. Bernardini, D. Roy, A. Bastoni, M. Caccamo
  • Work in Progress: Guaranteeing weakly-hard timing constraints in server-based real-time systems
    N. Samimi, M. Nasri, T. Basten, M. Geilen
  • Brief Industry Paper: Delay-Aware Control in Networked Systems Using Smart Actuators
    P. Pazzaglia, C. Mark, B. Pourmohseni, F. Smirnov, K. Schmidt, L. Beermann
  • Work in Progress: Predictable Execution of Isolated Real-Time Tasks on Multicore Systems Using the LET Paradigm
    K. Dudzik, M. Kirschner, V. Betancourt, J. Becker
  • Work in Progress: Early Timing Prediction of Real-time Tasks in Continuous Integration Environments
    P. Huang, B. Maag, T. Sivanthi, C. Xing
  • Demo: Vulnerability Analysis for STL-Guided Safe Reinforcement Learning in Cyber-Physical Systems
    S. Jiang, M. Liu, F. Kong
  • Work in Progress: Emerging From Shadows: Optimal Hidden Actuator Attack to Cyber-Physical Systems
    M. Miji, M. Liu, F. Akowuah, F. Kong
  • Journal First: Impact of Priority Assignment on Schedule-Based Attacks in Real-Time Embedded Systems
    S. Karin, H. Aydin, D. Zhu, S. Drager, M. Anderson

Important Dates

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Author NotificationMarch 1, 2024
Camera-Ready DeadlineMarch 9, 2024

Artifacts Evaluation
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