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The RTAS 2024 Best Paper Award committee has unanimously agreed that the following four papers are considered outstanding papers at the conference:

Integrating Sporadic Events in Time-triggered Systems via Affine Envelope Approximations
A. Finzi, S. Craciunas, M. Boyer

A Hybrid Approach to WCTT Analysis in a Real-Time Switched Ethernet Network
A. Soni, J. Scharbarg, J. Ermont

PAAM: A Framework for Coordinated and Priority-Driven Accelerator Management in ROS 2
D. Enright, Y. Xiang, H. Choi, H. Kim

Exclusive Hierarchies for Predictable Sharing in Last-level Cache
X. Wang, Z. Wu, R. Pellizzoni, H. Patel

We congratulate the authors of these papers on this achievement! This means these papers are also candidates to become the Best Paper and/or the Best Student Paper. The winner of these awards will be announced during the award ceremony at the conference.

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