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The time has come to announce the Best Paper and Best Reviewer Awards for the 30th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS 2024).

The RTAS 2024 Program Committee nominated 7 papers for an award. The Best Paper Committee evaluated these papers based on the quality of the presentation and the potential scientific and industrial/societal impact. Four papers were recognized as Outstanding Papers and candidates for the Best Paper award, which goes to:

PAAM: A Framework for Coordinated and Priority-Driven Accelerator Management in ROS 2
D. Enright, Y. Xiang, H. Choi, H. Kim
In their decision, the Best Paper committee stated that the proposed solution (PAAM), which is presented clearly, successfully addresses the challenge of managing accelerators like GPUs and TPUs in ROS2 applications. Empirical results, supported by the corresponding theoretical analyses, show that PAAM effectively provides predictability when safety-critical applications in ROS2 offload computation to accelerators. The potential short-term impact of the work is high as PAAM is evaluated on a representative setup (software, hardware, and case studies).
Congratulations to the authors of this paper!

The Best Reviewer Committee examined 23 nominated reviews from 17 reviewers using criteria based on inclusiveness, mindfulness, responsibility, and respectfulness. Four reviewers were recognized as Outstanding Reviewers. The selection of the Best Reviewer was conducted by examination of 5 reviews for each Outstanding Reviewer focusing on fairness, i.e., how well each reviewer applied consistent quality to their reviewing workload.

Daniel Casini from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Italy distinguished himself in this category with the most consistent, high-quality reviews that demonstrated fairness to all authors. Congratulations on the Best Reviewer Award Daniel and thank you for your contributions to RTAS 2024.

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