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Congratulate to all the authors below:

  1. RT-Swap: Addressing GPU Memory Bottlenecks for Real-Time Multi-DNN Inference
    W. Kang, J. Lee, Y. Lee, S. Oh, K. Lee, H. Chwa
  2. Optimal Synthesis of Fault-tolerant IDK Cascades for Real-time Classification
    S. Baruah, I. Bate, A. Burns, R. Davis
  3. Fast Attack Recovery for Stochastic Cyber-Physical Systems
    L. Zhang, L. Burbano, X. Chen, A. Cardenas, S. Drager, M. Anderson, F. Kong
  4. USB Interrupt Differentiated Service for Bandwidth and Delay-Constrained Input/Output
    Z. Ruan, R. West
  5. Decntr: Optimizing Safety and Schedulability with Multi-Mode Control and Resource Allocation Co-Design
    R. Gifford, F. Galarza-Jimenez, L. Phan, M. Zamani
  6. Sync or Sink? The Robustness of Sensor Fusion against Temporal Misalignment
    D. Kuhse, N. Hölscher, M. Guenzel, H. Teper, G. von der Brüggen, J. Chen, C. Lin
  7. Integrating Sporadic Events in Time-triggered Systems via Affine Envelope Approximations
    A. Finzi, S. Craciunas, M. Boyer
  8. Core-Local Reasoning and Predictable Cross-Core Communication with M³
    N. Asmussen, S. Haas, A. Lackorzyński, M. Roitzsch
  9. A Hybrid Approach to WCTT Analysis in a Real-Time Switched Ethernet Network
    A. Soni, J. Scharbarg, J. Ermont
  10. Safe and Secure? On the Timing Analysability of Cryptographic Implementations
    A. Stegmeier, P. Knauer, P. Schubaur, C. Piatka, D. Merli, S. Altmeyer
  11. Trusted Timing Services with TimeGuard
    A. Nasrullah, F. Anwar
  12. An Empirical Study of Performance Interference: Timing Violation Patterns and Impacts
    A. Li, J. Wang, S. Baruah, B. Sinopoli, N. Zhang
  13. DAG Scheduling with Execution Groups
    J. Shi, M. Guenzel, N. Ueter, G. von der Brüggen, J. Chen
  14. TinyBFT: Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Replication for Highly Resource-Constrained Embedded Systems
    H. Böhm, T. Distler, P. Wägemann
  15. Demystifying NVIDIA GPU Internals to Enable Reliable GPU Management
    J. Bakita, J. Anderson
  16. HAEST: Harvesting Ambient Events to Synchronize Time across heterogeneous IoT devices
    A. Nasrullah, F. Anwar
  17. Algorithms for Canvas-based Attention Scheduling with Resizing
    Y. Hu, I. Gokarn, S. Liu, A. Misra, T. Abdelzaher
  18. Strict Partitioning for Sporadic Rigid Gang Tasks
    B. Sun, T. Kloda, M. Caccamo
  19. PAAM: A Framework for Coordinated and Priority-Driven Accelerator Management in ROS 2
    D. Enright, Y. Xiang, H. Choi, H. Kim

Another 10 papers have been conditionally accepted and will be announced on the website after a positive outcome of the shepherding process. Stay tuned!

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